Buggy Mixamo Characters

I have been trying to upload characters to 4.11 from the Mixamo website. In 4.10.4 they are uploading normally but in 4.11 they come in with a distorted appearance. I make them in FUSE and upload them to the Mixamo sight, get them rigged, and then download them using the Unreal 4 option under FBX. When I install them to the engine I make sure to have the TOAS tick checked. When they come in they look like the first pic. My work around has been to import them to the 4.10.4 and then migrate them to my project in 4.11. The second pic is the result of this process. Anyone have any ideas or notions on how I could fix this issue or is this something that Mixamo and Epic need to work on directly.



Second that - same here. Has anybody luck to use the recent Mixamo->to->UNreal workflow?

Probably something with your material setup - it is translucent.

A guess is your normal got flipped. To test set your materials to 2 sided and see what happens.

I’ll check that and see if it helps, just seems odd that something minor like that would flip in between versions as Mixamo hasn’t changed anything on their end that I’m aware of.

We also use Mixamo chars from time to time, and I’m pretty certain that one or more of your materials got mixed up. As others already stated, it looks like you got transparency on some materials that shouldn’t have it. If you just import the materials along with the meshes, this often happens, and you have to change some materials to not be translucent or masked. I’ve had no problems using Mixamo chars with 4.11. All the way from 4.11p1 to 4.11.1, it all works fine.

The skin material was being imported as translucent. I switched it to opaque and that seems to of had fixed the issue. Thanks for the help.

Could you please paste a screen capture with the solution?