Buggy jumping while on server

I have setup a small BP jump system based on the “Character Movement” → “SET Gravity Scale” node.
With a single client running on its own server the jumping works just fine but on a second client ( or on with a dedicated server ) it gets very choppy and doesn’t function properly.

I have tried replicating many things but i probably missed something.
Any suggestions welcome!

The video looks exactly like what i get, its not some kind of frame rate issue or compression error.

I think the server doesn’t agree with your jump and constantly pushing you by server’s coordinates. First, check if your character “Replicates” (Class Defaults) and if your movement replicates too. Then, your gravity scale should be called on server. Simple way to do this - Custom event, and in settings set “Call on server” There you need to set gravity scale.

I have done what you said and it does fix how high the character jumps but it is still very jittery. ( i also made a new empty character using this idea but i get the same result )
I have made a quick system that logs the characters height from the server and clients side and they do not match.


I will probably find a new way to do this, any suggestions would be great but please still try to solve this issue.

i don’t really know what causing this. Can you send me client and server logs about character jump height? Also check, if your Character Movement Component is replicated. Maybe constantly changing gravity scale isn’t greatest idea. Why do you changing it?