Hi all…
I used the aniamation of the SWAT(founded in the MixamoAnimePack)to past to another character that i ve created on mixamo…Now it give me an error “failed to merge bones” and when i see the animation of my character(not SWAT) i see…a monster!
Why xD

please help

How have you added the animations to your character?
Have you already tried to retarget it? -> :slight_smile:

When i past an animation or anithing else give me error failed to merge bones. Why?

Please can someone help me?

fighter5347 asked a good question. You did not gave any further info but just repeated your error message. Have you retargeted the animation? Yes, no? Failed to merge bones sounds like too different skeletons for me either so I think you have to retarget the animations like in the links of fighter5347 above. Make sure the retarget pose is similar (A or T pose) before you retarget. To fix any remaining monster afterwards “Show Advanced Options” in your skeleton, rightcklick on the very first bone in your skeleton-tree and select “Recursively Set Translation Retargeting Skeleton” and if that is done change “root” bone back to “Animation” and “pelvis” to “Animation Scaled” (and any IK bones to “Animation” either).

when i import the mesh give me the error not after…the bug come first to can retarge