My pawn
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My lvl Blueprint
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why my pawn not move?

You need to posses the pawn/character to control it. Also ont need to do that in the level bp (Level bp is for other purpossses)
You can set it from the Bp defaults to force it or posses it by indexed player

Find the pawn par in the bp default and set auto posses to player 0

Or get the player controller and drag it from there if you have context sensitive checked or from anywhere if not

its not work.
No no no…
if I delete “InputAxis…” from lvl Blueprint, my CameraController moved.
but if I insert “InputAxis…” in lvl Blueprint, they block CameraController move.

You should explaint what you want to achieve
As far as i can deduce your trying to make something rts-stylish/hack and slash?

for making that you should use and character blueprint with invisible object with a spring arm and camea attached to it. the camera should be in the character/pawn blueprint in the 90% of tha cases
the rest are security cams and similars

And if you need help try to explain it the best way you can, actually you offering no relative info.
also if you have dificulties with english there will be someone o could help you in your language.

Im native Polish speaker and also living in spain so i speak spanish even better than my native language so if its that any of your case i could help but you need to explain better

Yes you are right. But I know how to do it and I did not ask how.
The question is why lvl Blueprint “InputAxis …” blocks pawn “InputAxis …”?
This is normal?
Why is this happening?
I clearly explained?
Thanks, terror grunt!

All the insput shuld be in your pawn/character Blueprint

and the level bluerind should not contain any direct input.
Level blueprint is inherited so its always present. and probably have preference over other blueprints in case of conflict.

You dont need to use any axis intput in the level blueprint. There normaly goes the excusive events of each level and even there sometimes is better to maake an separated bp an put span it there.
Use all the other blueprints types.

So this is mostly not bug. its conflict in wich one should recive the input.

Thanks for the reply. I thought it was just a conflict. Just wanted to make sure.