[BUG] Zero Integer Struct member not created when using Array Add


I have a 3D radar in a space environment. I use a struct to hold data pertaining to all ActorRadarEnabled characters. This includes enemies, friendlies and so on. This is called the RadarDetectedArray. It is updated at chosen frequency (custom tick speed).
Whenever a new radar actor is detected, an icon is spawned and attached to the radar using the struct data for local location positioning of the newly spawned icon. A reference to this icon is stored in a new struct with the index of the actor that was detected.

Directly after I spawn the Icon actor, I use a Make Struct to store a reference of the icon and the index in RadarDetectedArray of the actor that spawned the icon when it was detected.
If the int index == 0 then the array fails to add that member of the struct entirely.


Hi Doublezer0,

I’m having some issues getting your results. Could you reproduce this in a new test project and post a link to download it here?

Thanks to Gareth Martin on the Facebook Unreal 4 Developers page, I managed to reproduce the error in question. It appears that the Debug Info Tooltip ignores structs with default values in the output. The validity of the struct members is intact.