[BUG] You have entered an invalid birthday

I’m having trouble updating my forum profile. Whenever I click “save changes” in the Settings area the message appears, blocking the ability to add/remove or update anything…

Problem is I’ve searched all through my Forum Profile, and the “Personal” page of the main site, and I can’t find any references about entering my date of birth.

Same happened here, it’s a forum bug I guess.

If anyone stumbles upon this issue who has some web development background, I could get around the issue by adding 3 new fields to the form: “bd_year”, “bd_day” and “bd_month”. I filled them out with my actual birthday (for example, but probably any valid date works), and it saved successfully.

The same thing happens to me and I don’t know how to solve it. Help me

Here too…

Same here.

Yeah, I’ve been looking for a fix and so far I’ve had no luck. A very annoying bug it seems to be.

The team pushed a fix that should resolve the issue. Please give it a try and let us know - thanks!

Thank you so much! Everything works!

I’m still not seeing an option to add my birth date (this is necessary for content on the Epicgames Store for users over 18), though at least I am able to update my forum details.