[BUG] World Position shifts using Constrain Aspect Ratio


I have already tried to submit this bug, but Epic Games support failed to reproduce it. So i need some approvement to proceed with this problem.

So… looks like world position is shifting while looking through the camera with Constrain Aspect Ratio options enabled and distance of shift is dependent on size of area covered by black bars.
To reproduce this bug, you need to** create empty project**, then create post-process chain material so it can indicate world position somehow (i.e. sin(WorldPosition) ), then apply it to post-process volume on the level. After that you need to** create Camera Actor** and using contextual menu (RMB)** pilot it**. When you are piloting, try to** switch Constrain Aspect Ratio checker** and move around.** Ensure that viewport aspect ratio that you are using is not equal to camera constrained aspect ratio, to reproduce that bug**.

It would be appriciated if you respond about results here and also upvote this AnswerHub entry :

Thank you.