[BUG] World Browser - File - Open -> Crash

Perhaps not a finished feature, but it crashes the entire editor + crash error says the name is too long, so I am reporting this to be sure.

Open world browser → File - Open World → Instant crash of editor.

Error message:

"FilenameToLongPackageName failed to convert
‘…/…/…/…/Projects/Solus/Content/’ Attempt result was ‘…/…/…/…/Projects/Solus/Content’, but the path contains illegal characters “.”

My project is in K:\Solus, engine in K:\TURE\Rocket_CL1808360. Hardly long names and there is no . in the name (typed as code view because the page removes the backslashes from my file paths otherwise).


Actually it says that conversion from path to long package name has failed. Probably because you are trying to open location outside of your current project content folder. Make sure you open project from K:\Solus first, then you can use “Open world” to open content from that location.
We will fix the crash itself, it should just show error message without crashing the editor.
Thank you for your report.

I crash the moment I click open, before it even displays a file dialog. The solus project is loaded in the editor when I do this.

Unfortunately there is a bug with path selection I just found it.
Does crash still happen if you remove WorldRoot entry in …\Solus\Saved\Config\Windows\EditorUserSettings.ini ?

Also editor will crash if you will choose any of the root directories in your project: which is \Content or \Engine