Bug with widgets

First, sorry for my bad English, because I’m French but French forum are less active…

  I create a survival game, and I create a inventory with widgets.  But when the widgets appears, I can not clic on the "resume" button, I must first clic somewhere on the screen, like to update the widget, and then I can clic on the buttons. Same when I close the widget with the "resume" button, the mouse cursor stay on the screen, until I clic somewhere, and there the game continue normaly.

Since one week that I ask on French forums :confused:

Sounds like the widget does not initially have focus, so clicking on it gives it focus and allows it to receive inputs. Try using the Set User Focus node to give it focus after creating it.

Also, you might need to use the Set Input Mode Game Only node to return you back to the game after closing the widget.