Bug With Overlaps events and physics simulation

I 've noticed a problem in last hotfix 4.9.1 (everythings work well before update) who break all my pickup blueprint. It seems that begin/end overlaps are wrong and repeated if trigger is attached to a static mesh with physics simulation enabled, there’s no problems if physics disabled

HI Nicobass,

Could you try this in a new project to see if issue still occurs? If it does, post that test project here for us to investigate further.

problem is still there…

Thank you for test project. I have created JIRA UE-17865 and our developers will be investigating issue further. We will post here with updates as we have them.

As a workaround, disabling ‘Auto Weld’ from Trigger will fix issue.



hey any news on UE-17865?

by way, disabled ‘auto weld’ from trigger fix only begin overlap when overlaping trigger, but then end overlap happen if mesh move

Yep, it looks like somewhere between 4.9 and 4.9.1, issue was reopened. I’ll post here again when I see that another fix come through. Thanks!

Is this still a thing?.. Cause this is exactly my Problem atm I guess.

Ok I fixed it by adding a SceneNode between Mesh and TriggerVolume.

problem is still occuring, it can be fixed by setting collision on child to queryOnly (no Physics).