Bug with new constraint code

Dear Epic team,

I noticed that my angular velocity drive constraints did not work anylonger with the 4.13 version, so I investigated a bit in the code and found this in ConstraintDrives.cpp:

void FAngularDriveConstraint::SetAngularPositionDrive(bool InEnableSwingDrive, bool InEnableTwistDrive)
	SwingDrive.bEnablePositionDrive &= InEnableSwingDrive;
	TwistDrive.bEnablePositionDrive &= InEnableSwingDrive;

void FAngularDriveConstraint::SetAngularVelocityDrive(bool InEnableSwingDrive, bool InEnableTwistDrive)
	SwingDrive.bEnableVelocityDrive &= InEnableSwingDrive;
	TwistDrive.bEnableVelocityDrive &= InEnableSwingDrive;

Notice how it uses “InEnableSwingDrive” for both assignments instead of “InEnableTwistDrive”.

Thanks for reading.

Hey -

This is a known issue with an open report that you can find and view here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-35634)