Bug with navigation system?


With the risk of double posting, I though this should be submitted as a bug report instead of a regular question since there seems to be no solution to the problems. Original question here.

I’m having two problems moving a pawn using an AIController. In a custom PlayerController I call GetHitResultUnderCursor(ECC_Pawn, false, Hit); to raycast and extract the position the player clicked on. Then I use AAIController::MoveToLocation(location, 0.1f, false, true, false, false); in the AIController to move the pawn. The problems are that:

  1. If I press close and intense in front of the pawn when still moving, the pawn often starts to move towards the origo of the world/map. I also check that the raycast actually did hit something.

  2. The RVO avoidance make pawns move very slowly in a wobbly strange path when near other pawns. You can also see some strafing even though strafing is supposed to be turned off and set to false in the move method call.

I have a video that shows problem 1 here video link. It also exists in the Top Down template, both BP and CPP version see here video link.

I have a video that shows problem 2 here video link.

Hi Undercover,

I’ve attached a link to at least answer your first question about the player returning to the origination point. This was a known bug that is now fixed in our latest build. This fix will be included with 4.2 when it is released in the next couple of weeks.

However, I am not an AI guy, so it would take a bit to dig into your other problem. Would you be willing to share any info for how you set up the RVO avoidance by posting a screen shot or example project that would allow me to test it in the public 4.1.1 build vs our 4.2 build to see if the problem has been resolved?

Thank you!


I’m going to close the other thread you had started and link to this post here.

Hi Undercover, I’m going to mark this as resolved for tracking purposes. If you are still having issues feel free to post on this and I’ll help you where I can!

Thank you!

Hi again! Sorry for the delay but I have been a bit short of time lately.

Now when 4.2 is out, issue 1 is solved (as you said). Issue 2 however seems to remain in 4.2. I heard some rumor that the navigation system should be revisited in 4.3 but I’m not sure since I can’t find anything about it myself.

The RVOAvoidance setup up is as follows:

“Use RVOAvoidance” = true

“Avoidance Weight” = 0.5

The pawn is basically an ACharacter and I use the commands from the AIController described above for moving the pawn.

If this information is insufficient, I will try to come back with some more information or simple example within a few days or so.


Hi Undercover,

I’m not sure if there is a good answer for this at the moment being that there is still a lot of work going on with the AI and behavior tree within the editor. It’s heavily being developed and planned at this point. You can find more information about the features that will be worked on in our Trello UE4 Roadmap.

There is no information at the moment to when more of the AI/behavior tree features will ultimately be implemented into the engine.

Keep updated via the Forums Announcements section and UnrealEngine.com.

Thank you!


Okay, I see. My issue isn’t very urgent at the moment (for me at least) since there is a lot of other work to do as well but it would be very nice to see a solution for this within a few months.