bug with Cascade?

I think there is a bug with Cascade; the preview window. This has happened several times to me:

  1. press F to frame in on particles in preview window
  2. most times, will frame in the way it’s intended
  3. on rare occasion, camera will fly out about a hundred miles away where you can’t see anything anymore- the grid will appear as one pixel if you get really close to your monitor and squint your eyes hard
  4. there is no easy way to get back to your particles, making for an annoying situation when working on FX

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to “reset” the camera the way you can with the Static Mesh editor? If not, there probably should be.

Hi Leonard,

The next time this happens to you, click on the Bounds button. See if the displayed bounding box for the emitter matches the size of the zoomed-out window. If so, this would explain the behavior you are seeing. The F to focus displays the entire bounding box for all current particles, it does not just focus on the emitter itself.

I do agree it would be nice to have a hotkey or button to reset the camera to origin or to focus on the emitter itself. I will add a feature request for this.