Bug with Animation Composite in Blueprint?

I have a door with animations, added them together and created a door opening animation composite. Within the door blue prints I added E as an input key, when pressed it plays an animation (the door opening animation composite) with the door as the target, and it’s doing nothing. Earlier I was trying to set up a box collision to where when and if I overlap, I can press the E key and play the animation to open the door. Any help offered will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Rgtarp,

I just tested this in 4.8.2 but it is working for me.

Check this:

  • Select your SkeletalMesh

  • In the Details panel under Animation, do you have a AnimBlueprintGeneratedClass set?

If you do and it still isn’t working, feel free to upload the animation and door asset here for us to test.

Hi TJ! Yes, I do have an AnimBlueprint set. However, I don’t have the composite inside of a state machine or included in the AnimBlueprint Graph. I didn’t include it because I can set the Collision Box to trigger the Animation Composite just by stepping in. After the Enable Input node if I go directly over and play the composite, the animation will work. So I figured I could add the E Input node before a branch using a variable set by my character overlapping the collision box. So as I said before, it could be that the composite isn’t included in the Animblueprint, but if it isn’t why would it work when I overlap the box? I’m a bit of a newbie so I’m still learning.

Okay so update, just to test and see if I could do anything at all with a Key Input node, I’ve changed it from being E to F and various other keys and still nothing. Here’s what I’ve found interesting though, I added a Toggle Visibility node after the E Input node and nothing happens, however if I add the Toggle Visibility node after the OnComponentBeginOverlap node it will work! If I step into the Collision Box, the door will disappear as it’s supposed to. So the result is similar to the Play Animation node. Could there be an issue with my Key Input node?

Issue is resolved, after doing hours of investigation I found that I mistakenly parented the door to a Pawn Blueprint instead of an Actor Blueprint, I guess it was throwing off my Player Controller input. Anyway, thanks for the help!

I’m not sure why that setup isn’t working for you. I just tested it internally and it’s working.

Could you try it in a new project to make sure it isn’t just an error contained within your project?

Yes I figured it out, I had the Door Blueprint under a Pawn Blueprint class, so I swapped it to Actor and it’s working fine now. Now I’m just trying to get the character to animate along with the door opening. But I thank you for your time, TJ!