Bug with AI node

Hi all, UE Version 4.6.1

I was working on a tutorial today and I had multiple crashes that I think I’ve narrowed down a bit. I sent the crash dumps in, but figure I’ll follow up with a bug report.

I think it was the “get blackboard value as actor” blueprint node I was using. I was calling it from within an actor blueprint, which presumably didn’t actually have a blackboard. Anyway it failed with an assertion failure during a Cast inside AIModule.

So I had an Actor blueprint variable and on Event Tick I was calling the get blackboard value as actor node and setting the actor variable to the result of that node. Every time that node was connected I’d have a crash in the editor.

Hope that helps!

Hey Zoombapup,

It was nice seeing you in the twitch stream earlier. Thank you for the report, I was able to reproduce the issue exactly as you have described and have entered a report to our developers [UE-7200]. Please let us know if you encounter any other unexpected behavior.

Hey , I actually have some ideas for using staticmeshinstancecomponent now that it was shown on the stream. I was using static mesh actors in my procedural generator so I’m looking forward to getting to play with the instances more. So it was good to catch that stream (I usually turn up in the last 10 minutes for some reason).

Looking forward to thursdays stream! :slight_smile: