[Bug]Windows CodeLite Projectfile folder structure

If you create a project files for CodeLite on windows (4.10 preview) the file structure looks wrong. I made long time ago a fix for link PR

you can just merge at least the bugfixes parts. Thx a lot in advance.

Hi Yaakuro,

We have a ticket already entered and assigned to have your pull request looked into (UE-21062). I updated the ticket with the information you provided regarding the file structure in CodeLite projects.

Thx a lot. That PR had some cleanup and additions for the Windows platform so if there are any questions which parts are the relevant fixes please feel free to ask.

Is there a change that the fix goes into 4.10.1 or 4.10.2?

Hi Yaakuro,

I just checked on this, and it does not look like this will make it into a hot fix for 4.10. Any hot fixes for 4.10 will be primarily used for correcting Engine-breaking issues that were introduced with 4.10. Unfortunately it is unlikely that this will meet the criteria for a hot fix. We do expect to have it added in a future version, though.

Any news about this? It’s like months now and that PR is still open.

Unfortunately there are no new notations on the ticket to indicate it is being looked into. I did bump up the interest level a little bit, but unfortunately our Engineers are fairly busy at the moment and we have developed a sizable backlog of pull requests to work through.