Bug when piloting a spotlight

When pointing my view straight down or up the rotation values (x and z) go wild, this makes the camera incredibly difficult to use when pointing in any direction as it seemingly just picks a random value as the direction that is up relative to my view although. This also has the effect of making the view uncontrollable when trying to pan using right click and pointing down, the view will shake wildly and often won’t move in the correct direction.

I’m a bit new to UE4 so sorry if i didn’t provide enough info.

  1. What is your camera setup?
  2. What rotation are you talking about?
  3. How could someone reproduce this issue?
  1. I am referring to the perspective view in the editor itself, i am not “in game” while this issue occurs. With the x and z i was referring to the roll and yaw values in the details tab.
  2. I am talking about the rotation of my view in the editor. As in what i see gets rotated alongside the object i am piloting, but my point is that the rotation is unnatural.
  3. I’m not sure if this is just a thing that affects me, but all i did was first place a spotlight, second right click the light and pilot it (ctrl+shift+p), third simply hold down the right mouse button and pull the mouse down, when doing so while your pitch is at -90° the roll and yaw values go wild, and upon pushing the mouse forwards it will move the camera in a weird way that is different every time.

I have captured a video of this and uploaded it on youtube here:

I really hope i’m not just being dumb but it seems off that the view is rotated like that.

Hi CoaleaterX,

Sorry for the delay.

I was able to reproduce this so I’ve created JIRA UE-45521. Our developers will be investigating further. Follow that link to monitor the status of the report.