BUG when one custom struct's array inside another custom struct

I got a “BUILD FAILED” when I use a custom struct’s array inside another custom struct.
I use this custom struct (where the array is inside) inside a GameSave.
Looks like a bug but maybe I forgot something ?

I use nested structs very successfully.
However, I can - reproducably - create problems them if I

  • Change the definition of a nested struct while a populated instance of the parent struct exists in the level.
  • Change the definition of a nested struct while it is accessed by a “Break…” node anywhere in BPs, Functions, Macros, etc.

Best advice is: Never change a nested struct definition after you start using them.
If you really need to change it afterwards:

  • Clear all variables of that struct and remove the “Break…” nodes.
  • Change the struct.
  • Repopulate the variables and rewire the new “Break…” nodes.