[Bug] Weird looking trees

Hello,i’m a beginner so the issue is maybe really simple but…

when I’m far from the trees they look weird, anyone have an idea about how I can solve this ?
The trees are coming from the KiteDemo.

Thx !!!

What do you mean loom weird? I can see them being a little lighter but id put that to being a fog in the level

I just took the worst photo i can, nevermind, this one illustrates well the issue !

o yea i see what you mean now. that looks like some bad lod settings. if i recall correctly that particular project uses several levels of lod. it looks like the material or texture is messed up and instead of a billboard of a tree its filling it in with just bark.

So do you know how to fix it?

it could be several different things and its not really something ive tried before so i would have to research it myself. i thinks its best i dont try to answer this one since its not something that i know alot about