[BUG] Warning: A valid static mesh must be specified

When I save a map with an actor/mesh selected, I get an error message, reading “warning: a valid static mesh must be specified”. During the time the error pop up is shown in the bottom right corner, selecting anything in the map, causes the same error to appear again. I have to wait for the error pop up to disappear before I can select something again.

Thanks for clarifying the repro steps.

I have been able to reproduce the issue in Rocket Beta 5, although it is no longer occurring for us on our current internal build. This issue is not expected to occur in future Rocket releases.

As a workaround, please use alternate methods to save your map, such as the Save button on the Toolbar.


Hi Christian,

Does this issue occur for you when saving a new map in a new project?

If not, can you please let us know under what conditions this error message occurs?


Yes, but you have to drag and drop a new mesh into the map and select that, then save. I tried it with an imported FBX and a premade mesh from the editor.

We have been unable to reproduce any issue when dragging meshes into a map and saving the map while the mesh is selected.

In an effort to fix this; first I suggest deleting Config files in your project’s Saved folder, and if that does not help I suggest doing a complete uninstall and reinstall of the editor.

If you still experience issues, let us know and we will continue to investigate.


I tried deleting the config and re-installing rocket, bug is still there.

I posted basically a duplicate of this issue here, with some variations in my experience/explanation



What method are you using to save the map? Are you doing Ctrl+S, File > Save, or the Save button on the Toolbar? Or does your issue occur with any method?


The error only occurs when I save the map via Ctrl+S.