[Bug w/ ProjectFiles] TSet / TMap parameter in RPC calls crashes

When doing Server RPC Calls ( from client ) , if the function contains TSet or TMap parameter it will immediately crash the game. This is fine when called on Server.

Reproduction steps :

  • Create new project with Basic Code ( C++ )
  • Make a new C++ object extending from Pawn
  • Make an RPC function with TSet parameter.
  • Launch editor, set an input function to call this RPC function.
  • Set default pawn to this new pawn.
  • Launch 2 instance of this game. On the client side , hit the input to call the RPC
  • Enjoy the crash

Attached is a project file. Run the project, launch 2 instance . On the client instance, press H key. It will immediately crash it. This does not happen on Server side.

link text


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Apologies , I wasn’t aware of this. I will fill up the steps.