[Bug] "Video driver crashed and was reset. Make sure video drivers are up to date."

The title of this thread is the error I get (see attached error dialog) when launching UE4Editor after building it using source. I get the same error with 4.3 and current Master (as of today’s date). I am building a 64-bit build of Development Editor in VS2K13 with latest updates.

I am running on a Thinkpad Helix, with an Intel HD4400 graphics chip. Note that I have no trouble running the pre-built Windows release of 4.3, it only fails when I build it myself.

I’m having a similar issue too, though it seems a bit less specific. I downloaded the program first 5 days ago, and it worked very well on my laptop. What would happen was after an hour or two the program would crash and cite a video driver error, I assumed I just had it opened for too long. However, the crashes seemed to get worse, to a point where opening up a blank map would crash it immediately. After checking in with a tech shop and relaying information about my laptop, they suggested I uninstall, defrag my computer, and reinstall again. Doing so seemed to work, until tonight, where it again crashes constantly. It seemed to start after compiling my code, where I was just experimenting with setting values for some object. I didn’t edit any source files or anything weird.

My laptop is barely a year old, has an NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 765m graphics card, and all the video drivers are up to date. It if were a video driver problem, I don’t think it would have run in the first place, and I don’t have this issue with anything else on my computer. I’m not sure what’s causing this problem or how to fix it permanently or even temporarily, as uninstalling/re-installing again hasn’t prevented the crashes now.

My guess is that the graphics card is being overloaded somehow. Submit a report to Answerhub with your full PC stats. Maybe they can figure out if that’s true.

Might be worth doing a clean driver re-install first. We have some Alienwares at work that have the same GPU chip I believe, and they haven’t given us this crash when using the editor or playing other games.

Hi Ben,

As DarthViper suggested, can you please post this to the AnswerHub in the “Bugs” section? This way this can be assigned out to one of our support team to look into.

Make sure to include as much detail as possible. Also, include you DxDiag (Start Menu > Run > DxDiag > Save all information > Txt file saved to desktop) as an attachment to help us better assist.

Thank you!


I’m having the same problem, but it only happens when I load a first person game. When I loaded one for the first time, it was fine. After that though, it kept on crashing with the same error that you are having. I have an Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500 graphics card.

Hi TheWaterMiner,

Please make a post on the answerhub at http://answers.unrealengine.com in the bug reports section so we can assist you in depth. Thank you.

same for me! i’m running on a htpc an i5-4200u plus 4gb ddr3 1600mhz