BUG - Vertex Anim tool does not overwrite files

Assuming the tool is created by someone from Epic, I just noticed something which caused me much frustration the past week.

Apparently the vertex animation tool ( Vertex Animation Tool | Unreal Engine Documentation )
Does not overwrite existing files, so if I tweak an animation and re-export it, overwrite the existing EXR file… it wont save it, nor the normal map one.

3dsmax 2015,
using the animated meshes option.

Hey Luos, Just wanted to let you know this is on my list of things to get to, but I’ve not had a chance to just yet. I’ll let you know once I get this tested and reported. If I have any issues reproducing I’ll check back with you. Thanks for your patience.


Hi Luos,

When I tested this everything has reimported for me as I would expect. The animation updated in real-time as well.

Maybe I’m missing something that you’ve done in your steps?

I used the timeline mesh as my test since that specifically has the exr and texture file. I set up the material and applied, all using the docs how-to.

Once setup I went back to my Max file, and changed the animation on one of the 4 morphs. I updated this in the morpher and tested the animation in my time line scrub to make sure it took. I then generated the new textures using the max script for vertex animation.

I reimported these files into UE4 and everything updated automatically.

If this is not your process please let me know and the steps you have used.



Hey Tim, I currently cant seem to get the bug working again.
If I do come across it again ill record it and update post.