[BUG] Vehicle wheels incorrectly colliding with volumes

Branch: Binary

Biuld: 4.10.0-2758231


I’m trying to create an invisible wall where the player’s vehicle can pass through while other vehicles/pawns/things can’t pass through. I tried creating an invisible wall that has a new collision object type. Then I set the invisible wall to block all vehicles and set the player’s vehicle to overlap the invisible wall. The result should be that the vehicle can pass through the wall without problem. But instead, the wheels of the player’s vehicle start sinking into the ground as they pass the invisible wall.


  • Create a new project from the vehicle template (the one with the Sedan)
  • Create a new collision object channel “EnergyWall” with default response set to “Block”
  • Create a blocking volume, that looks like a wall, a few meters in front of the Sedan (the problem occurs even if the bottom of the wall is far below the ground)
  • Select the blocking volume and set it’s collision to “BlockAll” then change it to “Custom…”
  • Change the collision object type of the blocking volume to “EnergyWall” and set it to ignore “Visibility” and “Camera” channels (to see the problem more clearly). All other channels should still be set to block
  • Select the Sedan, select the mesh, and change the collision presets from “Vehicle” to “Custom…”
  • Change the Sedan’s collision to “Ignore” or “Overlap” with the “EnergyWall” channel (Both “Ignore” and “Overlap” will show the same incorrect behavior)
  • Now just begin play and drive forward through the wall.
  • You will notice the Sedan’s wheels dipping underground while the car is supposed to go through since it’s not blocking this invisible wall.


  • The same incorrect behavior can be seen if you shrink the wall to something smaller, like a speed bump. This way the problem is less evident but at least the car won’t flip up into the air like it does sometimes with the wall.

Hi ,

Thank you for your detailed report. I was able to reproduce this following your steps and have entered a bug report, UE-23848, to be assessed by the development staff.

Awesome, thank you for the quick response .