[Bug] - Using CTRL+L and clicking in the editor window while using sky atmosphere gizmo crashes the engine

Hi, weird bug for you guys. I can reproduce this reliably in 5EA.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have Lumen enabled (Nanite is enabled too, but I am not convinced this makes a difference)
  2. Have a directional light in the scene
  3. Drop in a sky atmo
  4. Make sure Atmosphere Sun Light is ticked on the directional light
  5. Press and hold CTRL+L, rotate your mouse to adjust, but do not release CTRL+L, then while holding, LMB click anywhere in the editor window. UE will crash.

Interestingly - not clicking LMB, but releasing CTRL+L will set the sun, and the gizmo will vanish as normal and no crash occurs. This is seemingly tied to the specific action of using LMB while holding CTRL+L while using the gizmo.

Custom settings that could be relevant

  • DLight: 2lux intensity, Atmosphere Sun Light enabled. The rest at default.
  • Atmo: all default settings.
  • Lumen enabled by default with default settings.
  • Mesh DF’s at default settings.
  • RT disabled in project.
  • Virtual Shadow Maps enabled.
  • All static meshes in scene use nanite.