BUG: Using copyright symbol © in Copyright Notice causes code files (.h, .cpp, & .cs) to encode in UTF-16 (LE) which can't be compiled in Xcode

I’ve had this issue for a while, and finally found what appears to be a root cause.

If you have the copyright symbol © in the Copyright Notice in Project Settings, this causes generated code files (.h, .cpp, & .cs files) to be encoded in UTF-16 (LE). Xcode cannot compile UTF-16 (LE) files on macOS.

You can fix the problem by opening the generated files in a text editor (such as TextWrangler) and resaving them as UTF-8 encoded files.

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Hi ,

Thank you for pointing this out. I was able to reproduce the issue that you described, and have entered UE-43384 to have this investigated further.

Thanks for entering the issue.