[BUG] Update 4.2.1 keeps me asking to update every time i get into unreal engine launcher

I need help, i already downloaded the update 2 times in a row but its just always show me to update.
If i close the unreal engine launcher it “deletes” the update and i have to start the download again.

alt text

The problem with the launcher is that it needs to be run as administrator to overwrite the previously installed version. Right-click the launcher shortcut, click “compatibility” tab, and check “run this program as administrator.” Now, you need to launch, and update, and then the update will “stick.”

Hi son1cman,

I’m glad you found a fix that worked. We are also going to be releasing a hot fix soon that should fix this issue for anyone else who has it.

Thanks, TJ

Actually i just restarted my computer and find out that the problem persist… Im on windows 8.1… the problem is my subcriptions ends today and i think i wouldnt be able to get the hotfix by tomorrow morning

You should still be okay. Since you already downloaded 4.2.1 you will have access to download any hot fixes or patches that have to do with that version. If for any reason it doesn’t allow you to download it or the hot fix doesn’t fix the problem, post back here to let us know.