[Bug] Unreal 4 autosave popup interrupts games and programs

When I am playing Battlefield 3 it makes my game go into windowed mode everytime the autosave popup comes up.
It also interrupts other fullscreen programs. If it was a little less intrusive that would be awesome. I like it popping up but I don’t like that it messes with fullscreen applications at times.

Hi Alex,

A work around for this issue is that you can toggle autosave in Edit> Editor Settings> Preferences> Autosave. If you prefer to keep it on you can change the frequency to be by several hours so that it does not happen during gaming.

I am curious to know, how well does your computer run games with the editor in the background. Any noticeable differences?

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It plays BF3 at 60 fps fine. I have a beefy system though. It is slightly noticeable thought at times and the fps does drop a bit, but totally playable.
I have a 3930k and 780GTX.

Alright, thank you for that information. I have created a feature request for a “toggle notifications” checkbox for autosave preferences. If there is anything else that is hindering workflow, please let us know.

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You could just close it before playing battlefield or turn off autosave.

The point of the beta is to improve and test the program, just working around it won’t make it better.

Do you honestly think alot of developers will be playing games at work (other than the ones they are working on)? I can appreciate this but this isnt a bug its more of a request. I just believe resources might be better allocated to real issues instead of fixing something you can work around in 1 click.

It’s not only games, it’s full screen programs like Zbrush too. Bf3 just had the worst issue with it. I’m just saying something I noticed as and issue and pointing it out, if they don’t want to do anything about it that’s on them. I’m just trying to point out things I notice to try and improve the program even if it’s a small issue.

That one click would effectively make me have to turn off the autosave feature which I don’t want to do. Personally I don’t see why I should have to turn off my program to do other fullscreen applications un-interrupted or sacrifice autosave.

Well see now youre actually making some sense to me with that comment about zbrush. I think the reason the editor puts that notification ontop it so you actually know whats going on with the editor if you have it in the background so its trying to be helpful. Instead of reporting this as a bug, because fixing it would ruin this feature, I would make a suggestion with the ability to turn off those overlay notifications.

I just know that DX applications do conflict when run at the same time and not all of those issues will be on Epic as there are alot of software vendors involved including Microsoft.

Actually the single click I was referring to is closing the editor but if youre building a map and working in zbrush whilst waiting I can see a issue here.