[BUG] Unpin -> Unloaded

UE 5.1
Actors become unloaded with no option to load them again.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place actor in level,
  2. “Pin” button right to the visibility button in Outliner not working for the placed actor,
  3. ctrl+s on level (save level),
  4. Pin actor,
  5. Unpin actor,

After all steps, actor becomes Unloaded even if “Enable Streaming” is disabled in World Settings.

Restarting editor reverts unloaded actor to the loaded state and the “Pin” button doesn’t causes unloading anymore (only newly placed actors are being unloaded after unpinning).

Hey! have you find a solution for this? Is world partition the solution?

What is going here?

I create an ISM batch, it gets pinned. Unpinning unloads it, no option to load. Other ISM batches pin and unpin just fine.

I haven’t seen this before. Why the strange behavior?

FIX: Unchecking IsSpatiallyLoaded seems to fix it. But again, this did not occur with any other ISM batch.

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Thank you man.

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