[BUG] Unable to create new event with name from previously deleted event

Hi Epic,

Am unable to create new event with the same name i used in a previously deleted event. Here’s the repro:

1: Open any Blueprint

2: Create a new Custom Event and give it a name (eg: MyEvent)

3: Compile that Blueprint and delete that event.

4: Now try to create a new custom event with that same name (MyEvent)

It wont let you create. Even if i compile it again it still wont let me create a Custom Event with that same name.

Using source compiled from Github (4.2.1).

Thanks for letting me know about this. I did some testing and I found that the editor keeps a list of “Taken Names” for custom events. The names are not culled on deletion or exiting the Blueprint, but it will reset when the editor is closed and reopened.

I am looking into if we could make the names be reset more easily, like compiling or closing the blueprint, but this is actually expected behavior currently. I will see about making a feature request for that to be changed.


Thanks . It would be nice to have “Taken Names” reset after compiling or closing BP editor. :slight_smile: