[BUG] UMG level load workaround

Hi, the bug is known (level loading crashes when Widget bound to viewport), but the workaround to remove it only works partially:

I have 2 widgets. The first is removed during play, and the second (containing only 1 textblock) is removed when(before) the level loads. The game still crashes. If I remove the second completely, it works (with the first being removed during play). But removing the second doesn’t work, even if I put a 10 sec delay between removing and loading new level.

How are you removing it? A screenshot of your blueprint network might help me understand what’s going on.

It’s some kind of unsorted, because I will move a great part to c++ but here:

In the upper part, you see the final remove with the level load.
In the middle part you see the creation of the second widget and the removal of the first.