[Bug?][UMG] Image with aspect ratio and horizontally aligned - messes up the size?

My hierarchy (removed some overlay/images since they shouldn’t matter):

  • [Root]
    • Horizontal Box
    • some area we don’t care about (size fill=0.8)
    • divider (image with width=2, size auto)
    • vertical box (size fill = 0.2)
      • size box
        • image;base64

I want the image to show up in the vertical box, with an aspect ratio of 1.7, and be horizontally aligned.
I tried wrapping it in a size box setting the minimum and maximum aspect ratio to 1.7, and using horizontal aligned, but then the entire image scaled down rather than simply be aligned.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Some picture since it’s easier to understand:

(1) Base. This is what it looks like with a size box and aspect ratio set and the image inside, but no alignment set

(2) Sizebox aligned. This is what happens when I set the sizebox alignment to middle in horizontal. As you can see, it scaled down the image rather than simply aligning it


It can be difficult to wrap your head around. It can also be difficult for us to judge without seeing the actual hierarchy. If you have an image in a size box and it’s scaling the image down rather than conforming to the size box, I’d wager the image is not set to horizontally and vertically fill.

I managed to reproduce it in a smaller project so here are more details:

and 2nd picture with the alignment set:

and here’s an image showing you’d lose that wager :wink: