[BUG] UE4 has Stopped working

I get the pop up everytime I start Rocket and if I click Close the program it seems to keep running but I get this error even while it is still loading the editor.
I have uninstalled the editor and reinstalled but the fresh install does the same thing.

Here is a screen shot.

Does it log anything? If so, posting the log information will help.

No log pop ups. I will try to check the log next start up. Is there a location for a log that would catch this ?

add -log to the shortcut for your rocket editor, and a log window will appear

“C:\Program Files\Rocket\Engine\Binaries\Win64\RocketEditor.exe” -log

If it’s a full-on crash there should be a log and crash dump file in your Saved\Logs\ directory. I’ve had a few before and the dump file always provides useful info.

@Willy: How do you read a dump file?

What do you mean? You cannot?

Well actually there’s two dump files, one’s the real .dmp, the other is the one called UnrealAutoReportDump, that one has the useful info.

Yeah the AutoReportDump contains info but lol i thought you read the real .dmp file. Sorry my bad. :slight_smile:

there is no dmp file being generated … at least not in the Rocket Folder. Does it generate it in the project one? I will check there also

The log screenshots I posted were after the complete reinstall and new project creation. Although it seems to have subsided and not happening as often, but I am not sure what has changed.

Hey Emile,

Thanks for your report, sorry you’re hitting this nasty little bugger of a crash! Any dmp files generated from the crash would show up in your project folder here: YourProject\Saved\Logs. You should also find any logs generated from running the editor in this folder (even if they are only partial logs cut off by crashes).

You said you uninstalled and reinstalled already, did you create a new project after reinstalling or are you still opening the same project? If you didn’t create a new project, could you try doing that and see if you’re still crashing when opening the new one?



Ok so I have the log also I get the message in debug stating that an unhandled win32 exception has occurred 4748

here’s the log and I also can reproduce it by opening a project even if the editor starts up without the error