[BUG] UE4 Editor gizmos rendering error

Wrong rendering:

  1. Open any project
  2. Select any movable actor
  3. Focuse any axis of manipultor (it should be highlighted)
  4. Focuse out preview rendering window
  5. Move mouse over main toolbar (Save, Build, etc)
  6. See rendeing error (attachment)



Are you running Mesa drivers when this happens, as we have seen this issue occur with them? Actually there is another report here on AH/Linux for the very same issue.

I am not sure we (Linux Community) have a solution for this right now and there this is something to do with UE4 or Mesa.

Hopefully someone from Epic will chime in on this.

No, I’m using nVidia GT740M with primusrun (bumblebee). So Mesa shouldn’t be a root of problem.

You still did not say whether you are using Nouveau/Mesa drivers or Nvidia binary ones? Because we have seen Mesa do this.

Apparently the solution to this problem is to edit the ConsoleVariables.ini and add r.TriangleOrderOptimization=2, if there’s no such parameter, else change the value to 2 if the parameter is already there.

The underlining issue seems to be the default triangle optimization which requires Nvidia card and adjusting this setting to 2 effectively disables use of nvidia-specific optimization.