Bug: UE4 doesn't remove readonly flag on checked out files

Engine version: 4.7.0

Version Control: Perforce (2014 November 10)

OS: Win7 64 bit

I keep getting these errors with particular files, where if I make a change to them and then try to save them, the saving fails because the file is marked as “Read Only”. UE4 will sometimes tell me that I don’t have an asset checked out and requests for me to check it out. If I click the “Check Out” link, the file may or may not actually get checked out. Most of the time, UE4 will register the file as being checked out to me and put the red checkmark in the corner, but the file will still be in read only mode.

Here’s a screenshot of what I’m seeing:

As you can see, BP_Town is checked out to me, I’m trying to save it, and I keep getting this message because its still a read only file.


Thanks for the report! You mention that this happens ‘sometimes’ - are there a set of specific steps that you go through for this to happen?

It seems like there’s a random 25% chance that it happens. Here’s what I usually do when it gets triggered:

  1. Open up an existing blueprint which is under version control.
  2. Make a change to the blueprint
  3. Save the blueprint
  4. UE4 then prompts you to check out the blueprint from Perforce
  5. Click the “Check out” button which pops up
  6. There is a good chance that the file doesn’t get checked out, even if nobody else has it checked out, so step 5 is kinda broken, but fails silently
  7. You can keep repeating steps 3-6 with no change
  8. (sorry for the fuzziness here): Sometimes, the above workflow actually will check the file out from perforce, but the read only flag on the file is still enabled.

Thanks for the extra info!

For reference, I’ve entered this into our bug DB as issue UE-11943.

September 2022 and this is still happening :expressionless: