[BUG?]UE4 crush down when a destructible mesh component is attached to a parent component

It all works fine for me when I was attaching two static mesh together, but when I try to attach a destructible mesh component to a parent component, the UE4 engine crushed down at run time. When the destructible mesh is the parent component, everything is fine, but when the destructible mesh the the child component being attached, the Engine crushes down no matter I use Blueprint or C++ for that. I wonder is it an Unreal Engine 4 BUG or is there anything else I need to notice?

Ok that’s weird, I’m having issues with spawning destructibles from C++ but I tried exactly what you said and I don’t get any crashes on my editor, could you post the log after the crash?

Thanks for the help, the problem might be due to my source-compiled engine, and after I redownload and recompile the source code, everything works fine.Thanks for the help anyway.