(BUG) UE Drifting right continuously

I’ve had an issue arise today, entirely new and like nothing I’ve seen thus far. I have done some research attempting to find a solution, but haven’t found one or perhaps haven’t found the appropriate way to describe the problem in search parameters. While using UE I get a bug where everything is Moving right. When I launch a project, when it loads in the viewport shows me drifting Right as if I was holding ‘D’ or the ‘->’ (right arrow key). At first I assumed it was my keyboard failing, however when trying to replicate this issue in games, or in notepad, or any other circumstance it does not occur. I changed keyboards and the problem still persists. I have narrowed it down to it only happening while I’m using UE. All of my projects are on UE5.0.3 so I have been reluctant to uninstall and reinstall.

Provided are two examples of this issue occurring:

I would appreciate any help in resolving this issue, it is preventing me from continuing my work entirely


Leaving this post up, in case anyone is as airheaded as I am. The problem was that I had a controller plugged in