BUG: UE crushing when clicking on paint in landscape

when I click on paint (material) in landscape tool - UE tell that game over

It’s appear if enable r.LightPropagationVolume = 1

Logs attached.

[link text][2]

Hey 6r0m,

In order to get the necessary information from your crash you will want to install the Editor Debug Symbols. To do this, open the Epic Games Launcher and click the dropdown arrow next to the associated engine version, then select ‘Options’ and check the ‘Editor symbols for debugging.’

Once you have done this, you will want to get the crash to occur again and provide me with steps so I can reproduce the issue in a new blank 4.13.1 project.

Once this has been done, we can continue with the bug reporting process and enter a ticket for this issue. Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.

Thank you,

Andrew Hurley

I installed this, attachedlink text

Can you please provide me with steps so I can reproduce this in a new blank project?

I will say there are a few known crashes with Light Propagation Volumes, but they are not related to painting on landscapes.

Thank you,

Andrew Hurley

I tryed to recreate it in new project too.

but I migrate own simple material to this, link https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8AB9z2m-RC1RGVnMk1jZGVsMlU
(I don’t know, may be it without this dependence).


  1. create new level (with sun, sky and a one floor-mesh)
  2. create lanscape 6x6
  3. assign L_MaterialTEST in folder Landscape/Material
  4. click on paint by landscape tool (brush for material painting


So I did not get a crash, but I have an idea as to why you are experiencing the crash on your end. Depending on the machine you are working on, more specifically the GPU and amount of RAM you have.

You are using the Landscape Sample node and have the density for the mesh to be set at 300.0. Although the default is 400.0 you will want to dial this setting back as that is a very high density and can cause your system to freeze or timeout if you end up painting your entire landscape with that layer completely.


Andrew Hurley

Andrew, but like I sad - all is ok when I comment line LightPropagationVolume in line consolevariables.ini

yes my system not good for UE, but it’s not enough for crushing, I guess)

thank you anyway