[Bug] Ubuntu 15.04 Window Layering Error

I am on Ubuntu 15.04 and the UE4 Editor windows don’t layer correctly.

I edit a Blueprint, minimize the BP window, to play in editor, and when I click I still click into the Blueprint window, instead of the Editor.

also clicking on another window to activate it, does not bring it infront of UE4 Editor.
The only way to layer something above UE4Editor is to bring it into Fullscreen mode (it will stay infront until you select UE4 again, even if you resize it)

Hey -

I was able to reproduce the editor windows not giving up focus correctly when minimized and have submitted a bug report (UE-19259) for investigation. Just for clarification, when you mention “clicking on another window to activate it…” are you referring to another editor window or another program window?


Ok, so when in the editor and clicking on another window, that comes to the foreground, just the loading screen for UE4 (that little banner thingy) does not go to background when I click another window. And when clicking from one Editor Window into another editor window, the clicked window gets active, but not moved to the foreground. (and of course minimizing is buggy, as you reproduced).