BUG : Touch interface problem concerning thumbsticks


Just picked up that if you hide the left thumbstick and only use the right thumbstick it will override your controls irrelevant if you are using Gamepad Right X or Gamepad LeftX.

It will always interpret the data as Gamepad leftX and never accept Right X.

Hi Crocopede,

Can you show me a screenshot of what you have setup? I’ll be more than happy to test this on my end. Additionally, what version of the editor are you using?


I will post the screens tomorrow. Using 4.6.1
Using a custom touch interface.

Will drop you a line once i uploaded the shots. Thank you

Hi Adam.

To replicate the issue this is what i did.
I created a new TouchInterface and configured it to only have 1 thumbstick situated on the right. Controlling Gamepad RightX and RightY.
My input config is set to use those values as the LookupRate and TurnRate under AxisMappings.

I then have an event for those inputs.

When a left thumbstick is present that is configured for Gamepad Left X or Y values, then the rightX and Y values work correctly.
However due to only using the right thumbstick the values are somehow overwritten to interepret it as the Left X and Y values.



Ok just to clarify:

You have the X/Y of your left thumbstick disabled. Despite this, the input is working but the input for your right joystick is not?


I am not disabling the Left X/Y values. I am merely hiding the left stick. Or completely removing it actually.
So on the screen you will only see the right thumbstick. The left thumbstick does not exist.

Even though the thumbstick is set to Right X/Y it somehow receives it as Left X/y if no Left X/y is present.
Only if you have both a Left and Right does it accept Right X/Y values.

I can create a blank project with the setup and upload that if it would help.

Well first try disabling the left x/y and see if that forces your joystick to accept only right x/y input or if it still accepts the left joystick input.