[BUG] Timeline not executing when inside Blueprint function

I noticed some weird behavior when I was setting up a timeline in a blueprint yesterday. I created a timeline inside of a blueprint function and whenever it would get reached at run time it would not actually execute, nodes linked to both update and finished pin were never executed and system would just hang for a while before moving on.

In order to bypass this problem I moved exact same logic outside of blueprint function into event graph. Using this approach timeline and its logic executed perfectly. I am unsure if this is expected behavior or not, I could not find any indication in documentation.

If it is a bug, I have created a project that I can upload which consistently reproduces behavior (although I am unsure of best way to link it).


Thanks for question! Timelines are considered latent functions and cannot be used inside of other functions. They can, however, be used inside of Macros and should work as expected. Feel free to try using a Macro instead and let us know your results.


I was able to get a timeline working in a macro. Thanks for your answer!

I’m unable to get a Timeline working inside a Macro. Does this functionality still exist?


This is an old feature that has since been removed, at this point both Macros and Functions do not allow latent functions like timelines. Timelines will currently work in collapsed graph nodes though. I hope this helps.

Seems not possible in UE 4.6.1 anymore. :frowning:

Hi ,

See accepted answer above. If you still have questions, please open a new post, as this is an archived post from our beta users and contains outdated information. Thanks!