[BUG] Timeline Event Track not firing

There is a bug on Timeline custom events.

If, the output “Update” not be used, the timeline dont fire the custom event trackline.

  1. Create a Blueprint
  2. Add timeline node
  3. Inside timeline node, create a track event.
  4. set time 0.05 and value 1 (1 tick each 0.05 seconds)
  5. check autoplay, last keyframe and loop
  6. add some node to be fired on this ouput.
  7. Observe only will fire if u link another node to update output.

This is still true in 4.12.5. I had to add an arbitrary node to the update pin (delay(0)) in order for the Event Track keys to fire.


Hi jessome,

I tested this on my end and it appears to be working as intended. If you are experiencing a potential bug, please open a new answerhub post in the bug reports section. In this new answerhub post, please include what steps you are taking to reproduce this and whether or not it occurs in a clean, blank project with no additional content. I am closing this thread as outdated.