[BUG/Suggestion] All tabs close on delete

Not sure if this is a bug or if it was designed this way but, if I have a tab open of the thing I’m trying to delete, it individually ask for me if I want to apply the changes made in each tab then it closes all of them. It’s kind of annoying because if I have a bunch of tabs open, I have to go through the process of choosing to apply changes to each individual tab. Then after it closes all the tabs, I have to go through the content browser and reopen all the things I wanted to stay open. I feel it should ask you if you want to either apply all changes or use something like a check box like when you press the save all button to apply changes to each tab, then only close the tab of the thing you are trying to delete, not all tabs.

Hello Tye167,

The behavior you described is intended, but I have put in feature requests to look into possibly updating the workflow. I have suggested adding a ‘Yes To All’ option when asking to save assets, and adding a warning about the asset windows being closed when deleting an asset.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.