BUG: STEP files import with random rotation issues

I have some STEP files created from SolidWorks. And the STEP files import with strange rotations on certain parts, so that they don’t align with the scene any longer. I’ve opened the same STEP files in both Rhino and in Cinema4D and both applications open the the STEP files with the correct rotation and scene alignment as SolidWorks.

I’m thinking there’s an issue with the STEP importer.

I’ve also imported the same STEP file into Cinema4D and then imported the c4d file through datasmith into Unreal, and the rotations and scene alignment are correct.

I would use the direct solidworks datasmith importer, but I have a separate issue with curved surfaces with the solidworks->Unreal workflow.

Any thoughts?

It does appear to be a bug. The Unreal 4.25 alpha does not exhibit the same behavior. For now I’ll have to wait until 4.25 is ready.