[BUG] StaticSwitchParameter not working with material instance


I’ve encountered the bug with StaticSwitchParameter node and material instance. First, I create very simple material as on the image.ssp.png
Then I instantiate the material and apply the instance to the post processing volume. The problem is that when I switch the parameter in the material instance editor then nothing really changes in the scene itself! Although in the material instance editor I can see the changes in the preview window.

Hi devast3d,

Have you made sure to press apply after making your alterations?

Uhm, apply what? I’m talking about material instance not material. I assume that node with parameter suffix (as StaticSwitchParameter) should be controllable from material instances.

Hey Devast3d,

I tested this out and can confirm it does not update (Post Process material that is added to the Blendables section on the PP) when you modify the value in a MaterialInstance, it only works when changing the value in the material itself.

I also tested using a regular Switch statement with a Bool Parameter instead, the material instance preview window does update, but does not update in the viewport.


I always thought it is supposed only to work within the material graph…
For “outside” bool swicthes I take a bool parameter and a switch.
Here I use it to either anable or disable the blended normal texture.
If disabled its replaced with the “neutral” normal color…

Works like a charm… :slight_smile:


KVolger, it is not working in post processing material instance (neither staticswitchparameter nor switch+staticboolparameter). I tried it myself, also DotCam verified it one post above! Only material instance preview is updated, the scene view is not updated at all (e.g. material instance is applied to global pp volume in the scene).

That bit must have slipped my reading… Sorry.:o
I have a project here somewhere where I played around just with that (creating the veil effect from wolfenstein).
If I can find it again Ill take a look…

Hi devast3d,

I apologize, I misread your initial post and thought you meant just materials. Can you please post this to the answerhub at http://answers.unrealengine.com in the bug reports section so we can better assist you? Thank you.

Done already [BUG] StaticSwitchParameter not working with material instance - Asset Creation - Unreal Engine Forums :slight_smile: