[BUG]: Static Mesh as root component doesn't remove collision when actor is destroyed

One of my students was making an actor with a mesh component.

When the actor was destroyed in its own eventgraph it vanished but still seemed to block the player in the level.

We tried lots of things to figure it out including using different meshes, different collision types, moving the mesh into the sky before destroying it even.

Then I noticed he had the staticmesh as the root component so I changed the root to an Arrow component and shifted the mesh to be a regular component, then the problem no longer occurred.

Hi Tom,

What version of the engine are you using? I am testing this with a simple StaticMeshActor derived blueprint that only has a hit event plugged straight into a Destroy Actor node. This removes the actor and leaves no collision for me.

Could you send me some screenshots of the issue? Seeing the components and eventgraph setup would be helpful. Can you recreate this in a new blueprint? That may help to locate the root cause as well.


I can’t reproduce it either :wink: but it happened, truly, and it was interesting to bang into something that was no longer there. On Monday I’ll go take another look at his scene.

Hey Tom,

I’m going to mark this as resolved for tracking. Please comment to reopen the issue when you are ready to continue.