Bug: Splines not created on Client in multiplayer

I have added blueprint nodes to create a spline mesh in the standard Third Person template. I am using the AddSplineMeshComponent node and setting the static mesh. Very basic stuff. The spline is created fine for the server player, but when I run in multiplayer the client is not able to create his own spline.

I have tried creating these splines both local and with server side code, but I get the same results either way. Note that in my case, the splines should only be seen by the player that creates them. It is not necessary to replicate them to other players.

I am using UE 4.91. To duplicate this, just create a spline on a button click in your controller, then run in multiplayer. Notice that the client does not create the spline.

Hi antsonthetree,

I tested this with the below setup, but I couldn’t get your results. Both the client and server can see themselves spawn the spline mesh. Is this what you are doing?

I also tested this in the character blueprint as well and got the same result.

TJ - I was making a stupid mistake. I was generating my points on the server, but the array was not being replicated to the client. You can close / ignore this report. Thanks for looking into it!