BUG ? -> spline mesh component and closed loop spline

Hi all,

I have been creating a dynamically a spline and when i set closed loop to true, there’s a segment missing and also at index 0, in the turn there is two spline mesh component behaviors : one straight and the other takes account of the tangents.

Where the segment is missing, i can tell you that the spline has not twisted. The spline is perfect, i checked every tangeant and no twist anywhere.

Do you have any clue of what’s going on ? or is this a bug ?



Hi, just in case you did not fix it yourself: just change the For Loop: instead of subtracting 2 from number of points, you need only subtract 1, otherwise you’ll be missing the last segment. Here’s an example from my bp:

The Closed spline does have the same number of points, but one more segment, and this takes this into account. I hope this helps others running into the same issue.