Bug? Source Control button is green despite failing to connect

The Source Control icon (top right corner <4.7, above viewport in 4.7) will display as green when running with source control but it hasn’t successfully connected to it and red when not running with Source Control.

Is this the expected behaviour? If so, we could get a third icon that indicates that Source Control is being run but hasn’t connected, maybe in yellow.


This should be the case already - there is a yellow icon that does just this. What situation are you encountering this with?

I’ve never seen that option before.

I connect to a P4 server via the internet on a daily basis and always get a green icon for Source Control, even when the IP address for the P4 server is no longer valid and a connection is not made when the editor is first opened.

I’m currently using 4.7p5, but have had this probelm on 4.5 & 4.6.

Thanks for the info, I’ve logged an issue to take a look. For reference the issue number is UE-9435.

If you can provide a log of your editor startup when this situation occurs it would be most helpful to us when we investigate it. We tested the yellow icon’s behavior for regressions when the icon moved to the main toolbar but did not find any issues internally.

I’ve not had this issue since moving to 4.7p6 and onwards.