[BUG] SoundClass Volume property - resetting value with yellow arrow does not apply new value

Hi, I’d like to report bug within SoundClass (SC). I have following setup:

  • (Parent) SC Main
  • (Child of Main) SC Music
  • (Child of Main) SC Effects

When I edited Volume property of Music and set it to zero, then even when I reset that value to 1, it gets zeroed after project load.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create new project, for example BP project based on ThirdPersonExample
  2. Create new SC, name it Main
  3. Open editor for Main, create 2 children SoundClasses Effects and Music
  4. Save all
  5. Open Main SC and edit Volume property of a child Music,. set it to zero
  6. Save all, close project and open it again
  7. Open Main, you can see that Volume of Music is correctly set to zero
  8. Edit it’s value again, reset it using yellow arrow, now you can see that Volume is one
  9. Save all, reopen project
  10. Open Main and you can see that Volume of Music is set to zero instead of one

I’ve found that manually setting value to one without using yellow arrow is OK and after reopening value of Volume is the same as it was set.